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Feed your family healthy, locally grown organic produce with Sycamore Bend Farm. You can find us weekly at our local Farmers Markets in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Eureka Springs Farmers Market • Thursday from 8 AM TO 1 PM

Located at 44 Kings Highway, in the parking lot of the community center, Eureka Springs, ArkansaS

White Street Saturday Market • Saturday from 9 AM TO 12:30 pm

Located at 26 White Street, in the parking lot of Ermilio's restaurant, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Sycamore Bend Farm Market
Sycamore Bend Farm Market

Each season is a different bounty! Shop with us weekly!

Andrew and Madeleine Schwerin of Sycamore Bend Farm in Eureka Springs offer a variety of fresh, locally grown organic produce. Benefiting from the deep loam of Keel's Creek bottom land, the Schwerin's farm year-round using regenerative practices and minimal machinery.

Sycamore Bend Farm also raises Katahdin sheep rotated through the farm's surrounding woods and pastures.