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Hemp Crop "Cherry Blossom"


On our organic farm we planted feminized seeds in the greenhouse, transplanting into our fertile no-till soil in May.

We carefully attended to the plants over the summer, under the tutelage of many local hemp consultants.

The plants were regularly trellised and pruned, until grown to sticky, dense buds. We selectively harvested individual plants as close to maturity as state law permitted, then hung the flowers in a dark and dehumidified shed. When dried to perfection, the crew bucked all the buds by hand, which were cured for a month.

The full spectrum of oils and terpenes was distilled by a central Arkansas processor.

The distillate and oil was then tested by High-Performance Liquid Chromatogrophy for accurate concentration and cannabanoid profile. 

The distallate tested fully negative for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.


Our regular strength CBD bottles have this proportion of these major cannabanoids:


3.5% CBD
0.3% THC

0.2% CBC

0.1% CBG


CBD Oil is at Eureka Springs farmers markets and select retail stores.